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Potential Winnings in Keno

If you are looking for a sure-fire win or a big payout when you head to the casino, Keno may not be your best option. The odds of this game are always at least 30% in the house's favor (and sometimes more), and the chances of winning it big are about as good as they are for winning the lottery. However, it is possible to take home some modest winnings, though payout amounts differ by casino.

Winnings in Traditional Casinos

It is almost impossible to calculate an average win amount for Keno games across different casinos. The payout amount depends on the number of players in the game, the bets each player has put down, and the number of matches on each individual Keno card. Generally, the percentage of winnings you take home increases exponentially once you have five or more matches.

Winnings in Online Casinos

While the payouts in online casinos also vary greatly, there is a general agreement amongst players that the Keno winnings in online casinos are better than those in traditional casinos. Moreover, the cost of a Keno ticket online is also less than those in traditional casinos. This means you have the potential to make more money and to lose less money--an incentive that's making online Keno increasingly popular.

When anticipating Keno payouts in a regular or online casino, just remember that the more matches or "hits" you have, the more you'll take home. So cross your fingers and hope that you get at least five matches!