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House Edge Craps

Unlike many other casino games, such as slots online, the house edge in craps can be raised or lowered depending on the type of bet the player makes. Understanding how different bets affect the odds can mean the difference between rags and riches.

Best Bets in Craps

The bet in craps that is most likely to pay out to the player is the Pass Line plus 100x bet. This wager delivers only a .02 percent edge to the casino. Other Pass Line bets that include favorable odds offer the casino less than a one percent edge over the player as well. These bets do not pay out as much as some of the riskier wagers, but players often make more money over time. Another good bet to reduce the house edge in craps is the Place bet for win or lose on six or eight because it presents only a 1.52 percent edge to the house.

Worst Bets in Craps

Players are usually advised to avoid field bets due to the huge advantage the house has when compared to other bet types. Field bets give the house an advantage of between two and six percent. The absolute worst bet that a player can make in the game of craps is the 'Any Craps' bet. This is a wager that the next roll will produce a total of two, three, or 12. The house edge for this bet is over a staggering 11 percent, so players are well advised to avoid this bet and keep their money in their bankrolls.

The house edge in craps is relatively flexible, depending on the type of bets the player makes. Understanding which bets have great odds and which are doomed from the start are imperative to playing a winning game.