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Uninstalling Casino Software

Some online casinos offer instant play to their clients. Others give you the option of downloading and this is popular with players for a number of reasons. When you download the software you have:

* More convenience
* Greater game inventory
* Improved graphics
* Smoother game play

The problem with downloading is, especially if you switch casinos, the possibility of space taken over a substantial period of time. This slows down the OS and hence playing experience that comes from slower connectivity.

Uninstalling the online casino software helps declutter the OS and improve the performance. The player can always reinstall in future. This uninstalling should be done on a regular basis.

As simple as it may seem, not everyone is aware of how to do this correctly. Trying to delete the desktop icon or the folder containing the software will not rid your machine of the software. It will keep in on taking up your space. This is because much as the main software is actually stored at one location, other elements usually appear in other different system folders.

There common procedure is to find the software where it is listed in the 'control panel'. Simply click 'uninstall' and you are sure all the components do not exist in your machine from that time henceforth. Once done, just restart the computer. This is the correct way of uninstalling any other software you want to get rid of.

If you later on want to use the software, visit the online casino and reinstall it again completely. Once again, you get to enjoy faster speeds when playing when you uninstall the software often. Since it is not bought, you have nothing to lose compared to better gaming. Now that you know what needs to be done, do something about that crowded OS of yours.

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